The Four Technological Advances You Should Look Into This New Year

Retailers pull out all of their best products around the beginning of the year to entice buyers and boost profit margins. This time of year allows you to look at all the current advancements entering the technological sector. From making your life easier to securing your home, specific technological advancements should be examined as you shop around different stores.

MiFi Devices
Also known as mobile hotspots, MiFi devices are becoming more affordable and easier to use. For example, you are traveling with family that uses devices on WiFi networks. Your cell phone has cellular data to check email and other Internet sites, but your family cannot access this information on the road. A MiFi device changes your incoming cellular data signal into usable wireless Internet service for the rest of your family.

Advanced Home Security Systems
You may have a home alarm system that alerts you of intruders, but newer technology allows you to see into your home through video monitoring. Using your mobile phone or tablet, log in to your home security in Seattle, for example, and look at real-time video of hallways, the living room or driveway. Another advancement you should look into is geo-location services. For example, you may drive 10 or 20 miles to a camp site for the weekend. If you forget to set the alarm, the security system detects your far distance from the property and automatically sets it. This advancement saves you time and money, especially if your road trip takes you farther than 100 miles.

Smart Solar Panels
Outfit your home with solar panels that follow the sunlight's angle throughout the day. With proper focusing, the panels split the sunlight into useable wavelengths to increase energy absorption. Your energy reserves increase to save money while allowing you to sell any extra energy back to the electric company for a profit.

Smart Watches
If you are tired of pulling out a huge tablet for every informational need, look for smart watches. These stylish watches pull data from your cell phone or tablet and displays it on an LCD screen. Using Bluetooth technology, the information streams easily for quick access on the watch.

Technological advances occur daily in this fast-paced world. Start researching different devices that can improve your everyday life. Even if you have a security system, for example, you can still add on components to enhance its use. Check with the device's manufacturer about compatibility between products to keep your home and family safe everyday.


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