Retirement Party: 5 Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

The time has come for your colleague to retire. The impending event can be met with excitement, relief, and uncertainty all at the same time. The feeling of anticipation of what’s to come next can't be denied.

How do you thank your coworker, your friend, for all those years of service? You want your gift to be meaningful. How do you make her understand how much you respect what she brought to the table – how much you appreciated her help? Indeed, how do you say goodbye? Here are some ideas for meaningful things to give a retiring colleague:

A New Phone
People use their phones for everything from calling and texting to watching movies and surfing the Internet. The retiree will have more time on his hands after he stops working, so this might be an ideal gift, one that will keep him in the know. It is also a great way to show your friend that you wish to keep in contact with him.

An e-Reader
All that time usually spent working will now be free, so your friend will have more time to indulge in things she never had time participate in before. Get her one of the many e-Readers on the market so she can catch up on the books she's missed out on over the past, say 20 years. This can also be really handy when she get to do all the traveling she always wanted to.

Something Hobby-Specific 
If your friend plans to spend more time enjoying a hobby, get something that directly relates to that. If he likes scrapbooking, buy him specialized paper or stencils. If he likes to golf, get him personalized golf balls by GolfMotion. Find out what he's interested in and tailor his gift to his tastes. This not only shows that you've been paying attention all these years, but also that you really want to give him something meaningful and useful for his new phase of life.

Candy Commemorative
There are many candy companies that make special box sets to commemorate the decade in which people were born. You can modify that gift idea to commemorate the decade the person started working for the company. The box sets have candies that were popular during that particular decade and are a great way to reminisce on times past. Your coworker will get a kick out of eating candy she hasn’t thought about in years.

Framed Collage
With several years of service under one’s belt, there are bound to be pictures of him engaged in work activities or around the office. Ask your other coworkers to help you collect those snapshots from the Christmas party, big projects, or major achievements. Gather them into a collage, have it enlarged, and frame it. The walk down memory lane will resonate with your friend forever.

With work being such an important aspect of our lives, retiring from a job can be bittersweet. Showing your friend that she or he made a difference in your life and in the culture of the office is the best way to send her or him off into the next chapter of life.


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