Five Great Gift Ideas for Your Pet Lover Friends

All of us have friends who love and own pets. When that friend’s birthday comes around or it is Christmas time, you may be thinking about what to get that special person. Choosing a gift for the pet directly or a pet focused gift is a wonderful idea. This type of feel good gifting is certain to deepen your bond with your friend. Have a look at the awesome list of the five best pet lover gift ideas below. All the gifts mentioned are affordable for those on a budget.

1. Custom Pet Portrait
If you can get a picture of your friend’s pet, you can hire a company to make a custom portrait of the animal, whether that be a turtle, cat, or dog. Or, if you have the artistic skills, you can draw the picture yourself. Such a gift is certain to be greatly appreciated by your friend. Not only is it a thoughtful gift that can function as decor in any room, it provides your friend with a lasting memory of his or her pet.

2. Dog Bed Basket and Pillows
This gift is wonderful for those who have a dog. Just make sure to pick one up that is the right size. You can also add in a pillow to provide added comfort. What’s great about a gift like this is that it gives your friend’s dog a place to relax and sleep that is not the sofa or other furniture. With many brands, you can personalize your gift by having the dog’s name sewed into the pillow. Get it in your friend’s favorite color and you have a gift that is a winner.

3. Highly Professional Business Cats Calendar
This gifts suits cat lovers and owners perfectly. This calendar brings the laugh all year round with adorable and funny pictures of all sorts of cats dressed up in business suits. While it may not be so useful to your friend’s cat, it will certainly bring joy to the owner. Designed by Etsy, this wonderful gift is not only cute, it’s a useful organizer.

4. Toys
Dogs and cats both love toys. Nothing is more fun for a pet lover than watching their very own jump into the action at the sight of an exciting object. For cats, things like toy mice, tail chasers, and rotating lasers make great entertainment. For dogs, consider bones, fetch objects, and squeaky rubber animals.

5. Personalized Doormat
A personalized doormat allows your friend to let visitors know that a very special pet lives inside. You can have phrases like, “Welcome to Max’s Palace”, sewn on the mat. How cool is that?

Other gift items like dog harnesses, pet food, cat playgrounds, and more make unforgettable gifts. Before giving your friend a gift, consider what he or she needs. Also, consider your friend’s personality. Finding something that is both useful and memorable is the best option.


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