Eight Great Wedding Gifts that will be Used for Years

So you have been invited to a wedding, but have no clue about what to buy the bride and groom. You don't want to get them something that will just be returned, given away or sit on their shelf for months at a time. There are a variety of gifts to choose from that will be appreciated and used for many years to come. The key is to make it a fun experience.

Slow Cooker
It might seem old-fashioned, but a slow cooker or crockpot is a terrific gift that couples are sure to use on a weekly or monthly basis. The appliances make cooking convenient and easy with a variety of one-pot recipes. This comes in handy for newly weds who are both working and they can just have their meal ready for when they come home.

Tool Box
Whether living in an apartment or house, a tool box filled with tools is a practical option that will come in handy whenever a home repair is needed.

Kitchen Utensils
Newlyweds cannot cook without the proper utensils. Mending Shed has a variety of utensils to choose from including scrapers, ladles and spoons. Choose a variety to create a gift basket.

One of the most sought after small appliances is a mixer. Whether sitting on the counter or stored away, there are countless ways the mixer can be used to make preparing foods and goodies fast and easy. For couples who already own a KitchenAid, think about KitchenAid 6 quart mixer parts such as a spare bowl or one of the many attachments.

Vacuuming is a standard step in house cleaning, and there are a variety of brands and models for every price range. For couples who register for a more expensive model, consider purchasing a gift card to put toward the purchase. You could also provide them with a smaller hand model, which always comes in handy for quickly cleaning up smaller spills.

Dishware is on any couple’s registry and something that will be used on a daily basis. Either purchase a place setting, if the dishware is more formal, or purchase several to help a new couple start their lives.

Because they are used every day, towels are one of those items that there is no limit. If all of the towels and washcloths have been purchased from a registry, buy more. This will give the newlyweds plenty for years to come and extras for when they have visitors.

This might seem like a no brainer, but instead of giving a cookbook with complex recipes, find options that have easy-to-make and fun recipes. If you know the couple well, choose a book that fits their personalities and interests to make the gift even more meaningful. For example if they are vegetarians or health nuts, find a book that caters recipes to that.

Weddings are fun and happy occasions for the bride and groom as well as the guests. Do not stress out over finding the perfect gift. After all, it is the thought that counts.


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