Kid's Gifts: Ten Personal Gift Ideas No One Else will Be Getting Them

With so many commercials screaming at children about the latest and greatest gadgets they need for pure happiness it can be hard to give a meaningful, thoughtful gift that celebrates their unique personality. For those who want to do more, here are some great personalized gift ideas for the special child in your life!

Create a Kit
Is your favorite child a budding artist or perhaps interested in birds? Create a kit surrounding one of their passions. Binoculars and a bird watching guide or a set of blank canvases with paints and real brushes or any of the necessary items to turn an interest into a full fledged passion are wonderful options.

Maybe the child on your list has an interest that needs instruction rather than tools. Purchasing a certain number of lessons gives them the opportunity to explore this interest in the capable hands of a professional. This could be anything from piano lessons to dance lessons.

Adopt an Animal
Animals all around the world in zoos, reservations or shelters can be adopted. Does your recipient have a favorite animal? A small stuffed version with a certificate showing that they are the proud "parent" of this animal is the perfect way to show that the real gift is in giving to those in need.

The Gift of Ownership
Little people live in a big world and can feel like even what is theirs belongs to someone else. One unique idea kids of all ages would love is personalized patches from Children can affix these patches to their most precious belongings. From jackets to backpacks or even a cherished blanket, a patch that says "all mine" or their name will be an exciting way to organize.

Spark a Passion
Some children aren't quite into anything in particular but just need a little push in the right direction. What was one of your favorite hobbies as a child? Find a way to share it! This could be buying your child a book about a certain hobby, or sharing a particular craft item that you made as a child.

The Gift of Time
There is nothing more precious we can give the children in our lives than the gift of time. Package an inexpensive and age appropriate watch with a note that gives the recipient a set amount of "just for you" time to do whatever they wish. This is an especially personal and precious gift if you have more than one child or if you work full time and family time is limited.

Get Cooking
Kids of any age can explore the wonderful world of the culinary arts. Try an ice cream maker, food dehydrator or for older children, a waffle iron. Don't forget some recipes and utensils to get your little chef off to a delicious start!

Something Old, Something New
Even though most kids love shiny new toys, sometimes reigniting interest in old toys is even better. For those Lego lovers in your life with broken sets and scattered pieces, a book that shows them what they can create with all those miscellaneous pieces stuffed in bins and drawers is just the inspiration they need to rediscover an old favorite.

Sleep on it
For the crafty individual, a handmade pillowcase made with fabrics that display the child's unique interests is a wonderful way to give a personalized gift they can sleep on.

Can you ever go wrong with jewelry? Charm bracelets are a fun way to make your gift personal. Choose one or more charms that reflect your recipients interest and personality. Adding to this makes future gift giving easier as well!

When it comes to gifting children the more fun you have, the more fun it will be for them. Use your imagination this gift giving season and revel in the smiles you'll receive! Use one of these items to create a one of a kind gift that you can't just buy on any store shelf.


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