Kid's Gifts: Ten Personal Gift Ideas No One Else will Be Getting Them

With so many commercials screaming at children about the latest and greatest gadgets they need for pure happiness it can be hard to give a meaningful, thoughtful gift that celebrates their unique personality. For those who want to do more, here are some great personalized gift ideas for the special child in your life!

Create a Kit
Is your favorite child a budding artist or perhaps interested in birds? Create a kit surrounding one of their passions. Binoculars and a bird watching guide or a set of blank canvases with paints and real brushes or any of the necessary items to turn an interest into a full fledged passion are wonderful options.

Maybe the child on your list has an interest that needs instruction rather than tools. Purchasing a certain number of lessons gives them the opportunity to explore this interest in the capable hands of a professional. This could be anything from piano lessons to dance lessons.