Holiday Gift Ideas: Six Gifts Your Teenager Won't Toss in the Trash

Christmas is approaching, and your teenage wants something other than grandma's annual gift of holiday socks. Whether you have a girl or a boy, there are sure to be gifts that get tossed in the trash after they are unwrapped. Rest assured, there are some things that you can get that will be used frequently, some possibly every day.

Have you ever wanted to go in your teen’s room and turn down the music that seems to be emanating from the walls? Speakers are an excellent gift for teenagers of any age. One of the latest designs in speakers is the Jam. It is a wireless speaker that can be used with an assortment of devices including a laptop or iPhone. The speakers come in different colors that are bright and fun.

Nail Polish and Art
If you have a teenage daughter who likes looking good for school or when she goes out with friends, then get a nail art kit. These come in several sizes, and you can find a kit that has the colors that suit her personality. Make sure you get fingernail polish remover and cotton balls so she can change the colors frequently.

What teen does not like talking on the phone or texting to friends? Now, you can get a Bell mobile phone that they are sure to enjoy at all hours of the day and night. There are blackberry products from Bell that can be purchased to go with the phone including cases and chargers.

This might be something you would not think of, but teenagers who play sports and stay with friends a lot can benefit from some type of bag. Whether it is something small for the bare essentials or a large duffel bag, they are sure to appreciate it, especially if it is personalized. Find a bag in the color that your teen enjoys, and get some kind of design embroidered on the front like a sports symbol.

This is the latest in teenage entertainment. It is an arcade console that looks like the older Pac-Man games. The system has a joystick and the round buttons. Simple plug in a device like the iPhone, and the game is displayed on the screen.

As a parent, you don't want your daughter to grow up too fast, but every teenage girl enjoys experimenting with makeup. Get several small kits, and put them in a larger makeup box to give her an entire set. Stick with nudes and other natural colors that wont be over the top for a day at school.

Most teenagers are picky when it comes to Christmas presents. They don’t like the colors, the size or some other weird glitch about the gift. These are only a few options to think about when it comes to giving gifts that are sure to be placed on a pedestal instead of in the trash.


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