Five Thrifty Ways To Approaching Your Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday gift giving is one of the joys of the season. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely painful for the budget. With some creativity, it's possible to give meaningful gifts without being in debt until next Christmas.

Bake a Gift
This suggestion requires more time than money, and the results are delicious. Plus, everyone loves receiving homemade cookies or bread. They are a strong reminder of the good old days when moms spent the whole month before the holiday in the kitchen. Just the delectable smells evoke powerful memories that are priceless.

Photo Memories
Drugstores and other picture processing services offer a variety of fun, personalized gifts using photographs. All that's really needed is a great picture and some imagination. Put the photo in a cute frame or have it printed onto a mouse pad. The possibilities are endless and inexpensive.

Focus on the Kids
One of the best parts of the holidays is watching the kids open presents and experiencing the magic of the holidays. Finding what their true holiday wish list and making it come true makes all of the obligations and extra chores that need to be done worth it. Whether it is buying the video game console they have been asking for or getting the the Power Wheel machine is going to be amazing when they open it. Kids gifts usually last all year, especially if you add the video games they want or stocking up on a replacement Power Wheels battery. The kids in the family make the holidays worth it.

Browse Craft Fairs
Throughout the holiday season, craft fairs are held at schools and community centers around the country. Each one offers a spectacular chance to score a handmade gift at a great price. These one-of-a-kind gifts may look like they cost a fortune, but the giver knows they made a thrifty choice.

Go Vintage
Antique and thrift stores can be absolute treasure troves. It's easy to pick up a gorgeous brooch inexpensively for a friend who loves vintage jewelry or a fabulous serving platter for the mom who entertains. These gently used items have just the right look at the perfect price.

Holiday gift giving doesn't have to unravel a budget and there are plenty of ways to prepare, going to the will help you prepare for the whole year, because with plenty of imagination and a willingness to prepare, everything can be accomplished. Take these five ideas and you will be able to be a master of gift giving.


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