Five Christmas Presents That Will Help You and Your Children Enjoy the Winter

Choosing a gift for the family that allows you and your kids to enjoy the coldest months of the year is a great idea for Christmas. One of these five Christmas present ideas is sure to please everyone in your family.

Board Games
With so many board games available for people of all generations, interests and genders, it is easy to choose a variety of games that your family is sure to love. Set up a family game night each week, order a pizza and enjoy each others company. Pick one or two games to play each time.

Movie Night Basket
Spending time watching movies together while eating popcorn or candy is a great way to help you and your kids get through those long winter months. Buy a few family-friendly movies or purchase a few dvd rental coupons.

Hot Tubs
Something your children, friends, and other family members will enjoy for Christmas, not just for one year but for several years to come, is a hot tub. Even when it is snowing outside you can enjoy the heat and warmth of a hot tub. Be prepared to have your friends and family asking to come over a lot more often once you get one. To look at hot tub options for your family, check out

Snow Castle and Snowball Maker Set
You and your kids can build fantastic snow castles and perfectly round snowballs with a kit made specifically for that. Use wet snow to ensure your snow sticks together. Kits come with a couple of snow block molds, a turret maker and snowball makers. Not only can you create castles, build igloos and fortresses as well. These are great for kids of all ages, so expect to spend the whole day outdoors making your creations.

Museum Membership
When you purchase a membership to a local museum, you and your family get to enjoy your visits for much less money than buying passes each time you go. Stay warm inside while you look at all the exhibits. Choose a museum that will peak your kids' interests and that is age appropriate.

There is no need for your family to be cooped up and bored during the winter months. Purchase one of these entertaining Christmas gifts to enjoy with your kids.


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