Shopping for Dad: 5 Perfect Gifts Any Dad Will Love

So, you’re looking for the right gift for Dad and don’t want anything cliché. What is the best Father’s Day gift, Christmas present, or birthday gift for him? Here are 5 ideas to help you pick the perfect one:

1. Channel Guide
No matter who your provider is, there are tons of TV channels available for all kinds of specific tastes. Does your dad enjoy football? Consider getting him an NFL Sunday Ticket if he has Direct TV. Providing special channels for the year will be the hit of his holiday.

2. Car Gadgets
Does your dad love his car? Hot rod or beater, what better way to spruce up daily drives than with a slick steering wheel cover. Keeping the wheel warmer in the winter time and cooler in the summer heat, a cover for the steering wheel will make a great gift. NASCAR style, leather, deep red, and more choices are available in any automotive department. Don’t forget to consider the interior color of his vehicle when choosing the perfect car accessory.

3. Shaving Products
Most men have to shave, so a razor is a practical gift any father will appreciate. Purchase a quality razor and add some great-smelling aftershave or cologne. Check out award-winning aftershave and shaving cream from The Art of Shaving, available in scents like Sandalwood and Ocean Kelp. Add your favorite scent to a grooming kit or engraved shaving set. Everyone benefits when dad is clean-shaven and smelling awesome.

4. Stylish Shades
What dad doesn’t love to keep up with the fads of his kids? Okay, maybe your father isn’t out there trying to be a hipster, but a new pair of shades might make him feel young again and add a little bounce to his step. Active fathers would do well with a good pair of sport sunglasses. Dads with a rock star personality would appreciate the retro-vibe of aviator shades.

5. Photo Op
Get some “I Love Dad” shirts and take a family photo. A fun photo shoot with a professional photographer will create some great prints for his wallet or office. If a photo says a thousand words, then imagine what these images will be telling your dad on his special day.

After all is said and done, it’s the thought that counts. Find a gift that is useful and personal, but don’t stress in the process.


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