Grand Plans: 5 Golden Anniversary Gift Ideas

Reaching the milestone of a 50th wedding anniversary is a huge feat for every couple. With a marriage lasting that long, there are bound to be plenty of ups and downs. Staying together and remaining in good health for so many years is something that should be celebrated. Here are five great gift ideas for celebrating your golden wedding anniversary.

Sports Game, Theater Production or Concert
Depending on what you and your partner find most enjoyable, planning a trip to one of these events is the perfect 50th anniversary present. If you are both avid followers of a particular sports team, get a luxury seating package for their upcoming game.

Getting tickets to a highly acclaimed theater production, or the concert of your favorite singer/band, is another great way of celebrating your anniversary.

Go on a Cruise
Having spent most of your lives working, building your family life, and taking care of the kids, having a two or three week break is something every couple deserves. What better way to vacation than taking a luxury cruise. There are many great cruises to choose from, with most of them making stops at cities you may never have visited before. For example, Patagonia cruise ships will take you all over amazing glacier formations near Chile, while Mexican cruise ships can take you to a more tropical location.

Create a Photo Album Together
Not every thoughtful gift has to be an expensive purchase. Sitting together and putting together a family photo album is something the both of you can enjoy together. Take out pictures from when you first met, and from your engagement/wedding parties. Not only will this bring back great memories, but it will make you appreciate one another even more. You can include pictures of children, grand children, and anyone else who is a part of your immediate and extended family.

Renew Your Vows
Being together for fifty years is something that most couples do not manage. If you have reached this incredible milestone, why not share it with your closest family and friends? Plan a vow renewal ceremony. While these ceremonies are not as outlandish as weddings, they make for a great excuses to dress up and have a party with the people you love and cherish the most. If you want the event to be special, but cannot afford to spend too much, you can have the event at a family member's house. Ensure that everything is set up and decorated beautifully, and you are sure to have a great time.

Plan a Road Trip
Tired of sitting at home every evening? Looking for a change of pace in your lives? If that is the case, rent a recreational vehicle and plan a road trip around the United States. You can spend time together to plan the trip, taking in every city or major landmark that each of you is interested in. The beauty of RVs is that you can stay as long as you want at a particular location, and your trip can last anywhere from two weeks to two or three months. Make time for adventure and each other on your special anniversary.

Each of these activities is special, thoughtful, and will bring about memorable experiences. Take the time to think about what your partner means to you, and what you think the both of you will enjoy the most. This will help you plan the perfect 50th wedding anniversary, and will ensure that this point in your life stays in your hearts forever.


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