Don't Get Stuck on Secret Santa

Secret Santa: the highlight of the Christmas season in schools and offices throughout the world. But due to the luck of the draw, sometimes your secret Santa recipient is someone you don’t know very well. So stop panicking over what to get them and have a think about these classic secret Santa gift ideas that are guaranteed to be appreciated by everyone.

Keep Them Warm This Winter
One of the most classic gifts for secret Santa is a hat, scarf or gloves. After all, it everybody appreciates being warm in the snow. Just because this gift idea is a classic, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring. Many high street stores now offer a vast range of knitwear to suit any budget, trend or style. From novelty animal hats to the chicest of pashminas, there is bound to be something available to please your secret Santa.

If your budget is a little lower, or you fancy adding a personal touch, scarves and hats are easy to crochet or knit, at minimal costs. Although this may be a little time consuming if you are a beginner, your recipient will appreciate the thought and effort you put into it and you will get the satisfaction of all your efforts being appreciated.

Make It Personal
The internet is a goldmine for secret Santa presents, available for all budgets and tastes. The most popular of which are personalized goods. If you’re not sure what to opt for as a gift, why not do a quick internet search and look at all the products available for personalization. If you have an artistic friend, name branded pencils and stationary are available relatively cheap on the internet. You could also consider ordering a personalised t-shirts for your friend, perhaps reliving a private joke on it, or simply placing the face of their favourite movie star on the front. The thoughtfulness of this present will not go unappreciated and is sure to raise some laughs at the secret Santa unwrapping! 

Make a Mix CD
Everybody loves a mix CD, and if you are working with a budget or want something really personal for your recipient, then this is a great option. Consider doing some top-secret research into their favorite bands and musicians, or if you are closer friends you could create a mix CD of all the songs you listen to together, to remind you both of fun memories. The key to a mix CD is great presentation; you can buy plain CD cases in most high street stores, and then decorate it to fit your theme. Add a fun, personal touch by including photos of you and your gift recipient on the cover, and don’t forget to make it as tacky as possible - after all, it is Christmas! 

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Gift Card
If you really don’t know your secret Santa recipient very well, and don’t want to risk disappointing them, a gift card is a great idea. You can buy gift cards to practically any shops or companies now, and they are available to suit any budget. Be sure to present your gift card in a fun Christmas way, to fit the secret Santa theme and show you have put thought into your gift. Snow globes with hidden compartments for gift cards make great Christmas gift ideas, and are available to fit all personal tastes.

What Do You Think?

With any luck, this post will have given you a few ideas that will help you to be the best secret Santa that you can possibly be. Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments.

Author bio: Thomas Jones is a writer with more than a few Christmas gift ideas up his sleeve.


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