7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas You've Never Thought Of

Finding the right Christmas gift is not always easy, some people are hard to shop for while others have everything. Creative Christmas gifts that take the personality of the recipient into account will always be appreciated since they are unique. There are seven creative Christmas gift ideas that many people do not think of.

Seasonally Flavored Beverages
A creative gift is a bottle of a favorite drink that includes flavorings associated with Christmas. These can be made at home or purchased from a store. Some ideas include liqueurs flavored with candy canes, tea flavored with cranberries or even eggnog flavored with chocolate. This is a fun and unexpected gift.

Personalized Gift Baskets
A simple and creative gift for anyone is a personalized gift basket. These can be made by purchasing a basket and then filling it with a selection of items that the gift recipient really enjoys. The basket could have a theme like food, magazines or shoes.

Loaded E-Reader
A creative gift for a close friend or loved one is a loaded e-reader. This gift involves purchasing an e-reader and then loading it full of different books. The books chosen should reflect the personality of the gift recipient. They can include new books as well as old favorites.

Custom-Made Jewelry
Custom-made jewelry is a creative and thoughtful Christmas gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. Personalized jewelry can be customized with initials, meaningful symbols or stones that have emotional significance. The jewelry will stand out from other items. It is often best to provide a complete set of jewelry for any occasion.

Concert Tickets
Taking the time to find tickets to a concert that is already sold-out or that features someone the gift recipient has not seen before is a good Christmas present few people think of. Many outlets today sell tickets to sold-out or rare performances. The tickets will provide a unique experience that will not be soon forgotten.

Family Cookbook
A creative gift for family members is a collection of the unique recipes that have been passed down between relatives for generations. A family cookbook can be made at home or printed and bound professionally. The family cookbook will become a valued gift in the home.
Do-It-Yourself Board Game

Several popular board games now have do-it-yourself versions with blank cards and boards that can be written on. A creative gift idea is to customize one of these board games with names, locations and events that are important to the gift recipient. This will provide a unique gift that everyone can enjoy.


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