4 Ideas for Christmas Presents to Send Your Business Colleagues

With the holidays right around the corner, you may have already begun checking off your Christmas gift list. It's easy to know what to give your best friend and favorite uncle, but when it comes to giving gifts to coworkers or business colleagues, you might find yourself at a loss. Here are four great ideas for presents to give to your business colleagues.

Books on Specialized Topics
Books can be a tricky gift when you don't know people well enough to gauge their interests. Does your business associate like sports? Has he expressed any interest at all in historical fiction? Instead of guessing what genre your coworkers enjoy, offer them books on specialized topics. How-to guides, books containing interesting photos and volumes offering useful everyday information make great gifts. You can even pick out more specific titles such as those on certain time periods or successful entrepreneurs. Specialized books make great conversation pieces, coffee table decor and Christmas presents. 

Gadget Accessories 
These days, everyone has a smartphone, tablet or other gadget that they never seem to put down. Use this to your advantage as you shop for holiday gifts. Mobile phone covers, wireless battery chargers and car adapters will complement your coworkers' favorite smartphone. Try to find covers and cases that reflect your business colleague's personality. Does she love a certain movie? You can find personalized slipcovers available online. Customized gadget accessories are both useful and festive, and your colleagues will appreciate them. 

Monthly Club Subscriptions 
For food aficionados, there are Great Clubs that offer subscriptions that will provide the perfect gift to satisfy any taste. From beer and wine to gourmet cheeses, you can send your coworkers gifts that keep giving all year long. Plus, sites like www.greatclubs.com offer other services including cigars and flowers so that you can choose other subscription services for your non-foodie colleagues, or to give different gifts to the males and females in the office. Monthly club memberships provide a way for you to share an interesting gift throughout the year. 

Local Lifestyle Gifts 
Thanks to the popularity of local coupon and discount sites, you can now find a wide assortment of local experiences to give to colleagues. You might sign someone up for yoga or dance classes, treat someone to a theater performance or join a coworker in feeding the animals at your local zoo. There are thousands of deals available online ranging from elegant to adventuresome. Choosing the right lifestyle experience to share with your coworkers can be a great way to get to know them better.

Fortunately, giving gifts is easier once you think outside the traditional gift card box. Each of these gifts can be personalized to fit the needs of the recipient. You don't have to spend a fortune to give excellent gifts. Check out deals online to find unique and meaningful gifts that will make a big impression this holiday season.


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