4 Ideas for Christmas Presents to Send Your Business Colleagues

With the holidays right around the corner, you may have already begun checking off your Christmas gift list. It's easy to know what to give your best friend and favorite uncle, but when it comes to giving gifts to coworkers or business colleagues, you might find yourself at a loss. Here are four great ideas for presents to give to your business colleagues.

Books on Specialized Topics
Books can be a tricky gift when you don't know people well enough to gauge their interests. Does your business associate like sports? Has he expressed any interest at all in historical fiction? Instead of guessing what genre your coworkers enjoy, offer them books on specialized topics. How-to guides, books containing interesting photos and volumes offering useful everyday information make great gifts. You can even pick out more specific titles such as those on certain time periods or successful entrepreneurs. Specialized books make great conversation pieces, coffee table decor and Christmas presents. 

Christmas Shopping: Eight Great Gifts for the Teens on Your List

Buying gifts for teens can be tricky. You want to choose something that's appropriate for the guy or gal in question, but you also have to remember that all teens are very conscious of trends and being hip. With this in mind, here are some ideas for finding the perfect Christmas gift for any teens on your list.

1. Camera or Camcorder
While most teens have smart phones that they can use to take pictures or videos, it's also nice to have a more specialized device for this purpose. During the holiday season you can usually find good deals on name brand digital cameras or camcorders.

2. Gift Cards
This is a good choice if you really can't think of the right gift. Even though it may not sound very imaginative, the fact is that almost everybody appreciates a gift card. It allows them to buy whatever they want. Choose a hip clothing store at the mall or perhaps an entertainment center that sells CDs and DVDs and you can't go wrong.

7 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas You've Never Thought Of

Finding the right Christmas gift is not always easy, some people are hard to shop for while others have everything. Creative Christmas gifts that take the personality of the recipient into account will always be appreciated since they are unique. There are seven creative Christmas gift ideas that many people do not think of.

Seasonally Flavored Beverages
A creative gift is a bottle of a favorite drink that includes flavorings associated with Christmas. These can be made at home or purchased from a store. Some ideas include liqueurs flavored with candy canes, tea flavored with cranberries or even eggnog flavored with chocolate. This is a fun and unexpected gift.

Personalized Gift Baskets
A simple and creative gift for anyone is a personalized gift basket. These can be made by purchasing a basket and then filling it with a selection of items that the gift recipient really enjoys. The basket could have a theme like food, magazines or shoes.

Christmas for Him: Five Awesome Gifts Your Man is Guaranteed to Love

Christmas is the season for giving, but do you have any idea of what you're going to give your man this holiday season? Is your man the type of person that seems to have everything? Or is he the type of man that has so many interests that you don't even know where to begin when searching for a gift? Luckily, we have suggestions so you can get your man a gift he'll love.

Help him in the Fashion Department
Do you know your man's favorite brand of clothing? Buy him something new. He will appreciate this sort of gift because it was made by his favorite brand, and you will appreciate it as well because you have the advantage of buying something you would like to see him in.

Go Practical
The first thing you should consider giving your man is something he will use or something that he needs that he just will not buy for himself. For example, an excellent gift might be a shaving kit or even that last little thing he needs to complete the shaving kit he already owns like some nice sandalwood shaving cream. You could buy him those nice new headphones he won't commit to buying for, or those new sunglasses he has been saving for.

Grand Plans: 5 Golden Anniversary Gift Ideas

Reaching the milestone of a 50th wedding anniversary is a huge feat for every couple. With a marriage lasting that long, there are bound to be plenty of ups and downs. Staying together and remaining in good health for so many years is something that should be celebrated. Here are five great gift ideas for celebrating your golden wedding anniversary.

Sports Game, Theater Production or Concert
Depending on what you and your partner find most enjoyable, planning a trip to one of these events is the perfect 50th anniversary present. If you are both avid followers of a particular sports team, get a luxury seating package for their upcoming game.

Getting tickets to a highly acclaimed theater production, or the concert of your favorite singer/band, is another great way of celebrating your anniversary.

Go on a Cruise
Having spent most of your lives working, building your family life, and taking care of the kids, having a two or three week break is something every couple deserves. What better way to vacation than taking a luxury cruise. There are many great cruises to choose from, with most of them making stops at cities you may never have visited before. For example, Patagonia cruise ships will take you all over amazing glacier formations near Chile, while Mexican cruise ships can take you to a more tropical location.

Shopping for Dad: 5 Perfect Gifts Any Dad Will Love

So, you’re looking for the right gift for Dad and don’t want anything cliché. What is the best Father’s Day gift, Christmas present, or birthday gift for him? Here are 5 ideas to help you pick the perfect one:

1. Channel Guide
No matter who your provider is, there are tons of TV channels available for all kinds of specific tastes. Does your dad enjoy football? Consider getting him an NFL Sunday Ticket if he has Direct TV. Providing special channels for the year will be the hit of his holiday.

2. Car Gadgets
Does your dad love his car? Hot rod or beater, what better way to spruce up daily drives than with a slick steering wheel cover. Keeping the wheel warmer in the winter time and cooler in the summer heat, a cover for the steering wheel will make a great gift. NASCAR style, leather, deep red, and more choices are available in any automotive department. Don’t forget to consider the interior color of his vehicle when choosing the perfect car accessory.

Giving Back: Five Gift Ideas to Show Your Gratitude

When wanting to show gratitude for a relative or friend, there are several great gifts that are an incredible way to give thanks, and show a bit of appreciation for the individual. Don't settle for an old card next time you really want to thank someone. Whether for men or women, these gifts are timeless and can be treasured for a long time.

For women in particular, flowers can be enjoyed at any age, as a way to feel loved whether on a special occasion, or just because. It's important to choose a bouquet the represents the recipient's style or taste. Flowers are great at any occasion and can be enjoyed any time of the year.

A Framed Photo
A sentimental gift that can be enjoyed in the home is a framed photo of both you and the recipient. A quality silver frame offers a classic style, while a wood frame is traditional and more masculine. Make sure you try to keep in theme with the person's interested and make sure it is is a picture they will enjoy and treasure in the months to come.

Don't Get Stuck on Secret Santa

Secret Santa: the highlight of the Christmas season in schools and offices throughout the world. But due to the luck of the draw, sometimes your secret Santa recipient is someone you don’t know very well. So stop panicking over what to get them and have a think about these classic secret Santa gift ideas that are guaranteed to be appreciated by everyone.

Keep Them Warm This Winter
One of the most classic gifts for secret Santa is a hat, scarf or gloves. After all, it everybody appreciates being warm in the snow. Just because this gift idea is a classic, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring. Many high street stores now offer a vast range of knitwear to suit any budget, trend or style. From novelty animal hats to the chicest of pashminas, there is bound to be something available to please your secret Santa.

If your budget is a little lower, or you fancy adding a personal touch, scarves and hats are easy to crochet or knit, at minimal costs. Although this may be a little time consuming if you are a beginner, your recipient will appreciate the thought and effort you put into it and you will get the satisfaction of all your efforts being appreciated.