Sharing is Caring: Gift Ideas When You are Strapped for Cash

Giving a gift is a great way to show you care about someone. Traditionally people give gifts on several occasions throughout the year. If you are on a budget, you might find it hard to give the right gift, but with a little bit of research, and even some hard work and imagination, you can find ways to solve this problem.

Look for Deals
One of the best ways to save money when working with a limited budget, is to plan well in advance. Certain items fall in price during different times of the year. For example, if you are looking for winter clothes, you can often find great bargains on such clothing as winter draws to a close. A down coat that retails for several hundred dollars might drop to half that sum as retailers look to make room for new merchandise. You can purchase that coat in March and give it as a gift next Christmas. Keep on the lookout for coupons or sales that happen at store throughout the year.

Make Your Own
Another way to give quality presents, yet adhere to a budget is to shop for basic staples, and then make gifts from them yourself. For example, consider buying good quality food items in a store that specializes in such items. Then purchase a few baskets. You can make up individualized gift baskets from the food items, at a fraction of the retail cost. Use your imagination and get ideas wherever you find them for creating your own handmade gifts.

Look for Name Brands
If you want to splurge when looking for gifts, you can do so even if you have limited budget. One of the best ways to do so is to visit outlet stores. Many well known name brands have outlet stores, where they sell merchandise of designer brands that are of a less popular color, or did not sell as well the previous year and the quality is usually the same. Certain malls specialize in such outlet stores. And if you are on a budget, think about organizing a trip to visit the mall right before a holiday. Outlet stores often have the same policies as other traditional stores and allow shoppers to get a credit card and finance their purchases at a low rate of interest.

Finance for Big Purchases
When popular holidays come around it is hard not to want to get the very best. Use your budgeting skills to find ways to pay for bigger purchases. When you know in advance when birthdays or big celebrations are coming up set aside a little bit of money you can use to spend on gifts. You may even consider getting a Dallas, TX Power Finance loan to pay for all the big presents so that later you can save up to pay off your debts.

Gift giving on a budget does not have to mean giving gifts that are less than satisfactory. With a little bit of easy advanced planning, anyone can give presents others will truly enjoy.


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