Biggest 2013 Gift Basket Trends

Forget fruits and chocolates (well, not literally), because gift baskets are back with a vengeance. The fact is that nearly anything can be the theme of a gift basket, and it all depends on the personality and interests of the recipient. However, there are a few key trends to watch out for in 2013. Use it as inspiration for a truly unique gift basket that will blow all others out of the water.
Zoo Fun Baby Gift Basket
While there isn’t a hard and fast rule, in general people like to give and receive gift baskets with food. However, people are also getting healthier, so whole-wheat grains, nuts without the sugary coatings and exotic teas are all making big appearances in gift baskets. If the recipient follows a special diet, such as Atkins, an low-carbohydrate gift basket is to them what Halloween is to kids. Here are a few more ideas to get those gears moving.

Pick a Theme

To steer away from food, theme baskets are popping up everywhere. A new baby, engagements and back to school baskets can be filled with appropriate fodder such as diapers, wedding albums and school supplies. There doesn’t have to be a reason for the gift, but sticking to a theme can help make things easier.

Get creative. If the giver knows the recipient well, this can be a truly fun basket to put together. This also means that baskets don’t have to be expensive. For example, a birthday gift basket for a bibliophile filled with new paperbacks, gorgeous bookmarks and a first edition of a favorite book is touching and affordable.