Top Tips for Giving Great Gifts

Sending gifts can be, at times, nothing short of a total nightmare. Not because we are all miserable so and so’s who don’t enjoy giving, but rather the problem of choosing something that we know the recipient is certain to genuinely love.

While most of this is pressure that we put on ourselves, there is no doubt that the feel good factor we get from seeing a genuine smile easily defeats the sound of a forced ‘just what I always wanted.’

Just what are the best gifts you can buy for someone that are sure to get the first, more favorable, reaction? We looked at your options.

For Her

When it comes to women, you usually cannot go wrong with something that promotes indulgence and spending time looking after oneself. Easy choices here are always either a spa day or weekend experience, or a luxury gift basket.

In terms of the gift basket, you can play it how you want to. Luxury spa gift baskets are great, but you might instead opt for a champagne and chocolate one, for example. Or try to put together a basket yourself with a variety of gourmet foods and chocolates. Customizing your gift will show the thought that you put into it.

For Him

This one really comes down to the individual. If you are buying for a ‘boys with their toys’ sort of guy, then a quirky gift or gadget – even something like a remote controlled car or airplane– might be in the cards.

A sure winner for men is an experience day, whether that be driving a Ferrari around a race track, beer tasting, or skydiving, there is sure to be something that he would love to do.

For the Kids

While children are often the easiest group to buy for, they can paradoxically also be the most demanding, predominantly because if they dislike something, they will tell you.

Dolls are always great gift ideas for girls, especially if you are able to buy additional outfits, or books and activities that can complement them. Remember that ‘open-ended’ toys that can be added to or played with in a variety of ways are always best for children.

For boys, action figures, die-cast cars, or construction toys tend to be favorites. It's always best to know what type of character or tv show they are into. These all fit the ‘open-ended’ requirement, and are certain to be met with excitement and a wide smile.

Forget the pressure of gift buying, and remember that it should be a fun experience. Target traditional gifts with your own twist on them specific to the individual, and ensure that your gift is the one that everyone always looks forward to opening.

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