Fun Facts about St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 is celebrated St. Patrick's Day - Irish national holiday, which became popular throughout the world. It is believed that every person in this day can become an honorary Irishman - unless he/she wants to.

In St. Patrick's Day is assumed to drink at least a glass of alcohol in some Irish bar. On this day all the bars are Irish, and all the musicians - Irish. You can arrange a competition (not abusing) of glasses of alcohol, in honor of St. Patrick and the "emerald country."

There are so-called " Patrick’s Cup" - a measure of whiskey, which was consumed in the St. Patrick's Day. Tradition dictates that before you drink a glass of whiskey you should put in the glass a piece of shamrock. Since then, the people say, ‘I will 'drowning the shamrock'.

St. Patrick's Day is a great occasion to have fun with your friends and dress in green, even if you are not Irish.

Present you the infographics, which briefly tells about the history of this wonderful holiday and will shed light on some interesting and funny St. Patrick’s Day facts.

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