Easter Gift Ideas for Adults

Figuring out what to put in a pre-teens, teenager or adult’s Easter basket can be a bit difficult. There’s only so much candy you want to give them and they’re a bit too old for stuffed animals and cheap toys. Here are some more adult options for things you can put into Easter baskets.

Clothing may be a good ideas, if you know what they like. Since Easter is typically the beginning of spring you want to pick something that’s light, brightly colored and can be worn pretty much anywhere.

Polo shirts are a great option for Easter basket apparel- They come in bright, spring colors and you can easily buy polos for men and women from the same store or brand which makes shopping for them as easy as it can be.

It may be almost spring but there is plenty of time to enjoy some hot beverages before the weather warms up. With a mix of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a cute mug you really can’t go wrong. And the mug can do double duty as an Easter decoration gift if you can find one that isn’t too cheesy.

Gift Cards
A basket o’ gift cards really can’t be a bad gift for anyone. Just throw in a couple of gift cards to restaurants and stores in the middle of all the candy and you’ll be set. This makes for a great “just in case” basket to make if you’re not sure if a family member or two will be bringing a friend or boyfriend around for Easter.

There’s only so many chocolate bunnies you can put in a basket, but there are some other foods you can include in there to mix things up a bit. There are places that sell soups in a jar, where all you have to do is empty the jar into a crock pot or regular pot, add water and cook for a while and voila dinner is taken care of for at least one night.

This one is a bit out there but it can work great for the right person. Fill a basket with canned foods and give it to the person, when they seem confused (which they will be) tell them you’re going to donate those items and however much money you feel is appropriate to a local charity in their name. It’s a great way to give back and remind people of the real spirit of the holiday.


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