Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Make this year’s Valentine’s Day memorable for the woman you love by giving her something that she won’t expect. Sure, women love receiving chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals but they are too common these days. You want something that will stand out to show how much you love her. Here are a few inexpensive yet very creative gift ideas for her this Valentine’s Day:

Romantic Dinner

Whip up a romantic dinner date in the privacy and convenience of your home. No need to cook a six- course meal. It’s the ambiance that will require some work to make the evening memorable. Set the right mood by playing the love songs she loves and adding candles plus roses for decorations.

And of course, you have to make it a point to focus all your attention to her. Turn-off your television, computer, and cellular phone to avoid any distractions. Cap off the evening with a great bottle of wine! She’ll definitely appreciate the time and effort you put up to make the night extra special.

  • Meaningful Little Gifts – Think of about 10 little inexpensive gifts that she may like such as a chocolate bar, a simple bracelet, or a bottle of lotion. You can give these to her separately either daily from the first day of February until Valentine’s Day or spread it around the places you know she will go to throughout the day and make her find each gift. If you intend to make her look for your gifts you could send her messages via emails, text, or a phone call then leave her notes of sweet nothings and then tell her where to look. As a final touch, you could come up with a very special gift and give it to her to top off the special day.
  • Hit the Spa – Massages are perfect especially if you know that she’s been working too hard lately. You can either join her for a couple’s massage at a spa center or you could set-up your bedroom to look like a spa and be the one to massage her. Prepare scented candles, soft music, and scented massage oils.
  • Shake Things Up – There’s probably hundreds of things you and your beau want to do as a couple but never got around doing it. From trying out a new sport or going on a beach getaway, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and shake things up with activities that will create stronger bonds between you and your loved one.
  • Be Creative – If you have the skills, you could draw or paint a portrait of her and have it framed then surprise her by hanging it on her bedroom wall. You can also come up with a simple yet sweet poem about her and how much you love her. Don’t be afraid to try this if you’re not the artistic type. She’s going to be very pleased to know that you gave it your best.
  • Personalized Love Book – A scrapbook filled with snapshots of all the fun things you did as a couple make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day too! You can add pictures, poems and even love notes; it’s an old school, feel-good kind of gift that can’t be bought anywhere else.
  • Surprise Her – You don’t have to gift your special someone with material things all the time. Think of the things she’s wanted to do for quite some time already but she hasn’t done yet because she lacks the time. You could paint her bedroom for her, clean up her house, or wash her car. If you really want to buy her something, try to remember the things she already mentioned to you that she wants to buy then buy it for her. The choices are limitless! This will also make her love that you really listen to her and that you take note of the things she likes.
  • Cooking Partners – There are a lot of cooking schools who offer special classes for couples. You can ask her to attend a class with you on Valentine’s Day or during the weekends near it. This will help bring you closer to each other as you have fun in the kitchen. The best thing about it, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor after cooking by eating it together. 
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