Encourage Healthy Living with the Right Gift

As many individuals set the resolution to live a healthier life or shed a few pounds in the new year, many of them will not stick to it for more than a few weeks. Eating better, exercising often and even occasional meditation can help one live an all around healthy life. It has been known that healthy living is a lifestyle, not a temporary routine.

Simply because a friend or family member is on a "Diet", gift giving doesn't have to be hard. Whether you are looking for a gift for their birthday, anniversary or even an upcoming holiday, there are many gift ideas out there that can help motivate and encourage them to stick to their resolutions without offending them.

Nuts and Fruits Aplenty
1. Healthy Gift Baskets

You can either create your own or order from an online store offering healthy gift baskets, and have it delivered directly to your recipient. If you are planning on creating your own, consider including some of these great snacks.

* Fresh Fruit
* Dried Fruits
* Nuts
* Granola Bars
* Vegetable Snacks
* Sports Drinks

Romance Aromatherapy Candle
2. Aromatherapy Spa Products

What better way to help relieve the stress than with aromatherapy candles and spa products. If you know what type of scent they prefer, go for that. If you are unsure, look for best selling scents. Here are some popular scents:

* Lavender
* Vanilla
* Rosemary
* Mint
* Tangerine
* Pomegranate

Jack LaLanne's Express Deluxe Juicer
3. Juicer

A great way to eat healthy is by juicing your own fruit and vegetables. A juicer would be a great gift for an individual who is looking to stay in shape and eat better.

Juicers are great for making fresh apple juice, orange juice, carrot juice and so much more.

For great juicer recipes, visit JuicingPedia.com.

4. Active Wear or Gear

A new gym bag would make a great gift! It's a great way to encourage someone to hit the gym more often. When you have new equipment or new gear, you tend to want to use it. A new bag is a gift that will keep on giving.

Nike Brasilia 5 Large Duffel Bag
With so many great brands to choose from, you will surely find one they will love! From Nike to Under Armor to The North Face, there is something for everyone.

You can find great deals on gym bags and active wear at SportsAuthority.com, DicksSportingGoods.com and Target.com.

So the next time you are looking for a gift for a special occasion or holiday, think "Healthy"! You will be helping them out by keeping them motivated, and they will be encouraged to stick to their resolution. It's a win-win for everyone!

So speaking of resolutions... what are some of yours?


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