A Guy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time in any man’s life, whether you’re happily married or have only been dating for a few weeks. For one day a year, men are expected to be thoughtful, sweet, caring and giving, presumably to make up for being an emotional cripple for the rest of the year. While roses, candies and a reservation at a nice restaurant are the norm, you can go beyond the traditional gifts to give your gal a Valentine’s Day to remember. No matter what stage of a relationship you’re in, here are a few gifts that will make your lady’s heart melt.

Sugar and Spice

Your girlfriend may be sweet, but you can rest assured she won’t be everything nice if you don’t live up to Valentine’s Day expectations. For early relationships, it can be difficult to meet those expectations, but it’s hard to go wrong with the traditional roses and chocolates. However, don’t just pick up the heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates from the grocery store. Find a local chocolatier or bakery and pick up some gourmet chocolates or chocolate-dipped fruits.

It’s also common to send flowers on Valentine’s Day, but you might want to think out of the box this year instead of opting for the traditional rose bouquet. If your girl won’t be impressed by the cliché dozen red roses, consider sending a teddy bear. The Serious Teddy Bear Company has teddy bear gift baskets that come complete with cookies, candies and custom messages to show that you care. They offer a Valentine’s Day hug and a bear for anyone on your list, plus they offer overnight shipping for any last-minute shoppers.

Gag Gifts for Young Love

While they can be fun, it’s important not to go overboard on prank gifts. Gag gifts can be dangerous for guys who are still testing the waters of their relationship, but if you give it along with a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift, it can be a great touch. It may be best to avoid jewelry until you know your lady’s style, but if you promise your girl a diamond, you can always deliver a 20 karat diamond bottle opener. It just may be a good idea to follow that up with an actual diamond, or at least something to keep her from chucking her new “diamond” at your head.

Scavenger Hunt

While getting a larger gift is nice, what your lady really wants is a thoughtful gift to show you care about her. Done right, there is nothing better than a Valentine’s Day quest. You probably don’t need to go to Leslie Knope levels of riddles and clues, but giving clues like your anniversary, location of your first date, or a movie that you both love can show your investment in your relationship (and can help you kill some time if you were only able to book a late reservation).


Obviously, a nice necklace, earrings or bracelet can be a great token of your love, but it’s important to wait for the right stage in your relationship before you start buying diamonds for your girlfriend. While it’s best to wait until your relationship is well-established (and well out of high school), buying jewelry for anyone is always a challenge. First, know what your significant other wears and try to buy in the same style, and make sure to avoid common jewelry mistakes.

A Night on the Town

Rather than just taking your beau out for dinner, spice things up a bit by taking her to a Latin club for a night of dancing or to a local music venue for a live show. If you don’t know how to dance, sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are always offering deals for couples’ dancing lessons. Even if you have two left feet, a night of dancing and music will make for a great Valentine’s Day.

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