How to Get Inspired For Christmas Shopping in 2012

This is a guest post by Cachette, an online store that sells things of simple beauty for everyday use, perfect for Christmas gifts.

This article gives some top tips to individuals for motivating themselves to do their Christmas shopping in the final months of the year.

Do I Have To?

That is the question that many of us ask ourselves every single year. Do I really have to do Christmas shopping this year? Can I not just give gift vouchers or send something like an iTunes card? While these gifts may well be appreciated, they are simply an excuse for lazy shopping, and often come about because you have decided to do your Christmas shopping on December 24th!

We looked at what you can do to motivate yourself and ensure that your Christmas shopping for 2012 is completed by the end of November (for once).

Have a Plan

Write down everyone’s name that you will have to buy for, followed by how much money you are planning to spend, or any gifts that you know that person wants.

Once you have done this, put the list into some sort of priority order so you can organise what you need to buy and when. It sounds awful to say it, but you could even look at those at the bottom of the list and ask yourself whether or not you really want to or should buy them presents. Sounds harsh, but if you see your Aunt Winnie on one day every year – Christmas Day – will she really be that offended if her once favourite nephew or niece doesn’t buy her something? I think not.

Once the plan is done and you know what you are going to do, that is half the battle – time to brave the shops and get the job done. What can you do now, though, to freshen up your usual Christmas purchases?

Original Thinking

If you look down your list and you can see clearly that you have produced a list of simple, obvious gifts that you buy the same person year after year, give some thought to changing it up, even if just for this year. Rather than buying an alcoholic beverage, clothing, or the other common purchases, look at original gifts, such as home accessories or even organic foods. If there are children to buy for, why not get them an inspirational and unique gift that they will treasure and remember a lot more than the box of sweets that they normally receive from every other member of the family.

The best thing with many quirky gifts is that you can be sure that almost everybody will love them, so you have no worries about not knowing what a person’s tastes are. Bite the bullet, shop smarter, and have a stress-free pre-Christmas experience.

Cachette is an online store that sells things of simple beauty for everyday use, perfect for Christmas gift ideas 2012.


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