Five Things You See in Every Supermarket in Time for Christmas

The Final Countdown

Christmas is well and truly on its way, and as we are within 100 days the build-up is only going to get more intense. Give us a shout if you come across any stores that are already playing Christmas music or have their seasonal areas set up – it seems to get earlier every year!
What are the common factors you can expect to find in all of the supermarkets over the coming months.

Large Toy Sections
Even if they never sell toys throughout the rest of the year, you can bet your life that the supermarkets will have made space to capitalise on the clamour for these and other children’s products come Christmas time.

Cheekily, they will also often hold events at 50% off – with the 50% off being the recommended retail price that no other retailer ever sells them for anyway, making consumers think they are getting a bargain when in fact they may not be.

Alcohol Deals
The Government and anti-drinking organisations love to tell us not to drink to excess and to ensure we are disciplined with regards to alcohol consumption, then the supermarkets proceed to offer us ridiculously cheap offers, such as 3 cases of lager for £18!

Cheap alcohol deals tend to extend across many categories as well as lager, but it is these that get the most publicity and lead the superstores into hot water with the media and alcohol charities.

A Chocolate Section
Similar to the toy issue, you can expect probably a whole aisle, maybe even two, to be taken up entirely of chocolate. This is yet another thing that flies in the face of public health and watching what we all eat. A supermarket like Sainsbury’s says “Be Good to Yourself” yet has the audacity to tempt us with a yard of Dairy Milk!

Although fireworks are not a specific Christmas purchase, they are prominent for fireworks night in November and generally maintain a presence in store throughout the whole period, especially with New Year following soon after.

Fireworks remain one of the most popular ways to top off a celebration with a lot of noise and bright colours.

Santa’s Grotto
Would Christmas be complete without Santa popping up in a Supermarket? This is often dangerous for parents with clever children and trying to maintain the illusion of Santa – just how can he just happen to be where we are shopping, Mummy?

We’ll leave you to take care of answering that!

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