Holiday Fairytale Brownies Giveaway

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24 Magic Morsels: 4 each: Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, Raspberry Swirl and Walnut. 

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Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway Winner

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Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway

Are you ready for Halloween? It will be here before you know it!

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Triple Chocolate Brownies Giveaway Winner


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Five Things You See in Every Supermarket in Time for Christmas

The Final Countdown

Christmas is well and truly on its way, and as we are within 100 days the build-up is only going to get more intense. Give us a shout if you come across any stores that are already playing Christmas music or have their seasonal areas set up – it seems to get earlier every year!
What are the common factors you can expect to find in all of the supermarkets over the coming months.

Triple Chocolate Brownies Giveaway

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Fresh Baked Goodies Giveaway Winner

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How to Get Inspired For Christmas Shopping in 2012

This is a guest post by Cachette, an online store that sells things of simple beauty for everyday use, perfect for Christmas gifts.

This article gives some top tips to individuals for motivating themselves to do their Christmas shopping in the final months of the year.

Do I Have To?

That is the question that many of us ask ourselves every single year. Do I really have to do Christmas shopping this year? Can I not just give gift vouchers or send something like an iTunes card? While these gifts may well be appreciated, they are simply an excuse for lazy shopping, and often come about because you have decided to do your Christmas shopping on December 24th!

We looked at what you can do to motivate yourself and ensure that your Christmas shopping for 2012 is completed by the end of November (for once).

Have a Plan

Write down everyone’s name that you will have to buy for, followed by how much money you are planning to spend, or any gifts that you know that person wants.

Once you have done this, put the list into some sort of priority order so you can organise what you need to buy and when. It sounds awful to say it, but you could even look at those at the bottom of the list and ask yourself whether or not you really want to or should buy them presents. Sounds harsh, but if you see your Aunt Winnie on one day every year – Christmas Day – will she really be that offended if her once favourite nephew or niece doesn’t buy her something? I think not.

Once the plan is done and you know what you are going to do, that is half the battle – time to brave the shops and get the job done. What can you do now, though, to freshen up your usual Christmas purchases?

Original Thinking

If you look down your list and you can see clearly that you have produced a list of simple, obvious gifts that you buy the same person year after year, give some thought to changing it up, even if just for this year. Rather than buying an alcoholic beverage, clothing, or the other common purchases, look at original gifts, such as home accessories or even organic foods. If there are children to buy for, why not get them an inspirational and unique gift that they will treasure and remember a lot more than the box of sweets that they normally receive from every other member of the family.

The best thing with many quirky gifts is that you can be sure that almost everybody will love them, so you have no worries about not knowing what a person’s tastes are. Bite the bullet, shop smarter, and have a stress-free pre-Christmas experience.

Cachette is an online store that sells things of simple beauty for everyday use, perfect for Christmas gift ideas 2012.

Fresh Baked Goodies Giveaway

Nothing beats the aroma of fresh baked cookies and brownies on a cool Fall day. To celebrate the arrival of the Fall season, our next giveaway prize will be a delicious Cookie and Sprite Combo Gift Box! Delectable cookies paired with 12 exquisite flavors of snack-size sprites are wonderful for sharing! All nestled inside our classic gift box and wrapped in a beautiful purple gift band.

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Our Sunday Fun-Day Giveaway Winner is...

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$25 Gift Card Giveaway

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New Gourmet Brownie Gifts

Fresh baked brownies, cookies and sprites... the perfect gift to say "Thank You", "Congratulations" or simply "Thinking of You". These delectable gourmet gifts will surely make a big impression. With twelve mouthwatering flavors, there is something for everyone! From Mint Chocolate to Toffee Crunch to Raspberry Swirl, you can try a new flavor each day!

These exquisite fresh baked goodies are ideal for corporate clients, friends or family members. No matter what the occasion may be, these indulgent gourmet brownies will do the talking for you.

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Our beautiful gift baskets have been loved by many and our prices do the talking for us. From exquisite wine gift baskets to delicious fresh fruit baskets, we have something for everyone and for any occasion.  

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Sizzling Summer Gifts

Summertime is a great time to get together with friends and family for weekend barbecues and pool parties. Whether you will be celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, or simply attending a housewarming or summer bbq, instead of bringing the typical bottle of wine or flowers, consider gifting the host with festive BBQ gift baskets or beer gift baskets.

Beer gift baskets are great for tailgating or sports themed parties, as they consist of a variety of beers, nuts, candies and snacks. Perfect gift for all to share. BBQ gift baskets showcase an assortment of barbecue essentials and snacks that make weekend parties much more enjoyable amongst friends and family.

Spa Day for Mom

Although Mom should be appreciated and celebrated every day of the year, make it even more special this Mother's Day. Treat her to a nice spa day or present her with a beautiful gourmet gift basket filled with delicious chocolates, gourmet foods and a nice bottle of wine. She will feel so special and loved.

Finding the perfect gift to give to someone as special is Mom is no easy task. You want something that says "Thank you for being there for me..." or "I appreciate everything you have done for me...". Of course, it's the thought that counts, but why not give her something she can enjoy without breaking the bank. Spa gift baskets make excellent Mother's Day gifts, as she will be able to enjoy a relaxing day pampering herself with soothing body butter, bubble bath salts, moisturizing lotions, scented shampoos and conditioners. Add a nice sparkling bottle of wine and she'll be on cloud nine. 

Giving the Gift of Health

Gift baskets have been known to consist of snacks, candies, beers and other delicious gourmet foods; however, as a healthy alternative, fresh fruits and organic snacks make great gifts. Healthy eating has become more popular among many individuals and societies in this day and age, as organic foods are more accessible and affordable. For those who prefer healthy alternatives, fruit gift baskets are an ideal gift to give for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or to simply say "Thank You".

A great way to build relationships with clients and employees would be to offer a nice gift as a token of your appreciation during the holidays. Feeling important to a business, whether as an employee or customer, has been known to increase loyalty. 

Healthy gift baskets may consist of fresh fruits, nuts, organic snacks, wine and the list goes on. Fruit baskets make excellent housewarming gifts. What better way to congratulate a friend on their new purchase, then to send them a fresh fruit basket for them to enjoy in their new home!

Chocolates from the Easter Bunny


Chocolate gift baskets are a popular gift for any occasion, celebration or holiday, having an uncanny ability to transmit positive wishes and blissful feelings. Once with the arrival of spring, Easter gift baskets have become cheerful and delicious mixtures of treats perfect for anyone – relatives, friends or lovers. No matter with whom you want to welcome the season of flowers, the variety of combinations will satisfy their every wish.

From a religious perspective, Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus and the arrival of spring. Nowadays, whichever meaning people attribute to this holiday, it is definitely a time of joy, when families and friends come together to enjoy the miracle of life brought along by the melting snow and bird chatter. Easter gift baskets are the ideal alternative for those who wish to send their best wishes or simply bring along a special treat that everyone will enjoy.

Celebrate Easter with the people you love and bring them delicious chocolate eggs, candies, cookies, beverages and many other goodies. Easter gift baskets have the advantage of offering a generous variety of product blends nicely decorated with Easter-specific details and they guarantee the thankfulness and joy of the receivers. Such an ensemble is great for people of all ages and statuses.

Treasures of delicious assortments, chocolate gift baskets are generally an expression of love and cherishing. They are an ideal way to say ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I adore you’ or ‘I respect and value your opinions’, depending on the shape they come in. For example, chocolate hearts filled with luscious cream convey the sweet message of genuine and lasting love for your sweetheart and prove how romantic and thoughtful you are.   

Send a beautifully wrapped and delicious mixture of sweet decadence in the shape of chocolate gift baskets that are filled with delectable goodies. Including a range of heavenly chocolates, chocolate gift baskets will fulfil the dreamy experience of a flavour and sweetness flood and will make a great impression on the person you gladly offer them to. Easter gift baskets are also an ideal present for someone you love or appreciate, especially the bunny-themed ones, which convey the spirit of Easter.

Gifts of Joy

Fun and frivolity are in the air, and showering friends and family with special attention is a wonderful way to celebrate this new season. Spring holidays might be quieter affairs than winter's decadent occasions, but that means a greater attention to detail can be paid when shopping for gifts to express love and gratitude. Spring gift baskets are perfect for a wide range of holidays, including St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Why give traditional gifts when a basket full of special goodies makes such a lasting impression?

Gourmet Baskets Online has just added a plethora of beautiful gift baskets to the site, and there is a unique basket ideal for every occasion. Father's Day can be celebrated with fruit baskets paired with homemade cards from the kids, or treat Dad to a a golf-themed basket complete with passes for the local golf course. Giving a lavish spa gift basket in honor of Mother's Day will create wonderful memories. When St. Patrick's Day rolls around, treat the kids to a pot filled with wrapped chocolates; they'll love this unique present.

Of course, easter gift baskets never go out of style, but they can grow a little boring to give. Spice up the routine with easter gift baskets for all ages: gourmet goodies for your spouse, fruit baskets for grandparents, and spring gift baskets bursting with candy and a stuffed animal for the kids.

Show your love and appreciation with gift baskets, and give a little joy this season!

Charm Your Loved Ones with Easter Gift Baskets

Spring is in the air, and Easter is almost upon us. Giving holiday gifts to our friends and family is an enjoyable tradition, but the uninspired, prepackaged Easter gift baskets found in stores leave much to be desired. Even though time and money are precious commodities, putting a little extra thought into a gift speaks volumes to our loved ones, and it's a lot easier than you might think.

This year, try moving beyond the norm by purchasing chocolate gift baskets geared toward your children's tastes, or treat them to a unique cookie gift basket. To give the basket a personal touch, add your own colored ribbons or decorate a name tag with glitter and stickers. These simple, inexpensive touches can turn a seemingly impersonal gift into something truly meaningful.

Easter gift baskets are perfect for adults, as well. While chocolate gift baskets might not be ideal for your girlfriends still trying to recover from the excess of Christmas, a gift basket composed of fruit is a wonderful substitution. A wine basket paired with a luxurious robe or sensual candles makes a romantic gift for your significant other, or instead partner it with a hunk of decadent cheese from the grocery store deli and delight your parents with the delicious gift.

Gift baskets are lovely any time of the year and for any holiday, but today's busy schedules mean creating such baskets from scratch is out of the question for most of us. When you choose a unique holiday gift basket and supplement it with affordable extras chosen specifically for the recipients, you create a gift that is thoughtful and special.